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MORE GOUDA! :D I have a really terrible house for lighting, so most of my pics are pretty bad. I live under a giant tree and there is only two windows in the whole house that actually let in direct sunlight. But this morning the sun was angling in nicely and I was able to snap a few pics of my lovely ball pythons :D

Here is gorgeous little Gouda, my lesser male, fresh out of shed and looking great! Okay, he’s not completely out of shed. You’ll notice a little bit of tail skin clinging in the bottom pics. I’m going to give him a warm soak tonight to help get that last stubborn bit off. I’ve spritzed his tub a couple of times to boost humidity, but that didn’t work so well. It’s okay, we’ll get that last bit off :)

This boy is cute, but he’s still not overly keen on being handled. He hisses and puffs at me every time I open the lid. But it’s okay, we’ll get there. Gosh, he’s just such a pretty boy <3

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    I’m enjoying that your snakes are named after cheeses.
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    Lesser’s are truly one of the most beautiful morphs :3
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